POP! WORLD is an application built to introduce students to population genetics. Population genetics traditionally has been a field requiring intimate knowledge of mathematics and biology, the aim of POP! WORLD is to provide students an easy way to experience evolution in near real-time.

Let's POP!

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You're in control

POP! WORLD allows students to run genetic simulations quickly and painlessly, simply by manipulating variables within the app.

It's about exploration

POP! WORLD is about discovering the concepts and mechanics behind evolution, by experimenting with populations inside the app. This allows students to see evolution in action, in near real-time.

It's fast!

POP! WORLD doesn't require hours or days of intensive calculation. Thanks to the processing power of the cloud simulations are quick!

POP! WORLD is realistic

POP! WORLD adheres to several stringent guidelines, making it a realistic and practical simulation program. See guidelines below: